Chatsworth’s Hidden Taco Secret

Appearances can be deceiving and the chicken taco served by Long Beach Tacos proves it. Photo by Ethan Hanson

Chatsworth, Calif- The greatest culinary experiences don’t always happen at a five star restaurant. They don’t occur at a fancy resort, a casino or be within a scenic area where the aroma is scattered with fresh smells of mint, rosemary and thyme. Sometimes they occur in the most unlikely of places. A discovery was made tonight in Chatsworth that left my palette begging for more.

From inside a lighted up tent comes Playa Larga Tacos or Long Beach Tacos. The average person would see the dull setting and most likely drive away without a thought of knowing what Stephanie and Eduardo on the corner of De Soto and Lassen are serving.

Without hyperbole this duo delivers the best chicken taco in the San Fernando Valley and dare to say Los Angeles. Why such high praise? Simple. The quality and texture of the meat with a few other surprises.

Fresh salsa that brings enough heat to the game but not enough for anyone who enjoys extremely spicy flavors. Photo by Ethan Hanson

Closing my eyes and taking the first bite of this taco I noticed something familiar. The meat was soft and tender. Not soft as in chewy but the type of softness that melts in your mouth. That softness where all amazing dreams happen and you find yourself in paradise even though your body remains standing upon a corner of Chatsworth.

At first I was biting into lengua (cow tongue) which notoriously is soft but as an almost bland and gamy aftertaste. This was different. The way the meat blended in my mouth brought together that softness along with a healthy but not overt mix of spices.


The second bite confirmed everything there was to know. The flavor told its own story. Thinly cut chicken mixed with a marinade of tomato juice, pico de gallo and a taste of lime helped give this taco is own unique flavor. The chicken melts and the marinade creates a flavor that brings together a delicious symphonic pop.

Stephanie said that the makeshift tent taco restaurant on the corner in Chatsworth has only existed for a few days but she and Eduardo have plans to keep making food. Just myself and an elderly gentleman were their customers but it was out of curiosity that I put their tacos to the test. They not only passed with flying colors but set a new standard on what a taco should be. I suspect that Long Beach Tacos won’t be a secret for long.

Written by Ethan Hanson 

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