Smack Talc- Zion, Dodgers and Yoga


Los Angeles, Calif- On this week’s episode of Smack Talc, the guys discuss whether or not Zion Williamson is being overhyped along with discussing the Dodgers in the post-Yasiel Puig era.

Follow Drew “Muse” Ashley on Instagram @bodybendyoga

In the second part of the show Scooby and Flashy P interviewed Las Vegas based yoga instructor Drew “Muse” Ashley.  Ashley who works at Yoga Haven and Trauma Recover Yoga grew up in the San Fernando Valley and attended El Camino Real high school. Ashley became inspired to train in yoga after being diagnosed with scoliosis. Now she’s hoping to use it as a vehicle to discuss issues about race and diversity. Her interview begins at 38:00


Written by Ethan Hanson


Zion’s exploded shoe is valuable

White Privilege and Hypocrisy at center of college admission scandal

Yoga in Boca Raton is used to make positive conneections

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