Freedom Football League Aims At Activism


Former Miami Dolphins running back Ricky Williams now works with a football league attempting to bring a more progressive approach to sports. Photo via The Shadow League

Northridge, Calif- Former NFL players Simeon Rice, Ricky Williams and Randy Moss have announced plans to former a player friendly, political-activism promoting league named the Freedom Football League.

Williams told ESPN on “Outside The Lines” that “we’re trying to develop young men” and will encourage their players to engage in political activism outside of playing the game.

CBS reports former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jeff Garcia and Super Bowl MVP Dexter Jackson are the founders.


The FFL website echoed displeasure at how the NFL has been run in recent years saying “The wealthy 32 families who run the NFL have created a schism that creates an exploitative dynamic between ownership, players and coaches and neglects the long-term health and well-being of the players and gouges the fans with outrageous ticket prices.”

The FFL is following in the footsteps of the National Basketball Association who in the past decade have become more inclusive of allowing players and owners to publicly speak out about social issues.

Image via Sports Illustrated

Most notably have been the Golden State Warriors who have protested publicly everything from police brutality to opposing gun violence and border policies being enforced by the Trump Administration.

Written by Ethan Hanson


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