Transgender Boxer Wins Debut



Patricio Manuel went through a sex change and won his boxing debut. Photo by the Sun 

Northridge, Calif- Patricio Manuel made history by becoming the first transgender boxer to fight and win a match in the United Stats after scoring a unanimous decision over opponent Hugo Aguilar.

The win culminated a six year journey for Manuel who last fought as a female in 2012 during the Olympic Trials. Manuel suffered a shoulder injury during competition and caused him to withdraw.

Shortly after leaving his last fight, Manuel revealed to his mother on the trip home he wanted a sex change. The process from transitioning to male to female would become a process that took over three years.

Manuel received sex treatment surgery in Salt Lake City and had his breasts removed. His voice began to drop and Manuel gained 15 pounds.


 The debate around transgender athletes competing has been an ongoing debate in both professional and amateur sports. In 2014 male-turned female mixed martial artist Fallon Fox severely injured her opponent Tamika Brents. Brents during the fight suffered a broken skull.

In Texas, 19-year-old boy Mack Beggs is allowed to compete as a girl because the athletic association in Texas known as the University Interscholastic League gender strictly by birth certificate.

16-year-old Andreya Yearwood competes in the 100 and 200 meters in Connecticut. Connecticut athletic code stats athletes are allowed to compete in which gender they identify with. 

Parents fear that athletes like Yearwood and Beggs have an unfair advantage. Beggs already receives hormonal replacement therapy. Are male to female transgender athletes at an advantage? 

Contributions: LA Times, Yahoo Sports, Desert Sun, ESPNW

Written by Ethan Hanson


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