Simone Biles carving legend status



American gymnast Simone Biles has ascended to the top of her sport. Photo by Associated Press

Northridge, Calif- Not even kidney stones could stop the world’s top gymnast Simone Biles. Just over 24 hours after receiving treatment in the emergency room, Biles fought through enormous pain to win the All-Around event in Qatar. 


The latest accomplishment in an already impressive resume made Biles the first woman to win four world championships. It culminated a week of excellence for USA gymnastics after winning its fifth consecutive team world title. 

It was led by Biles who has climbed to the top of her sport and shows no signs of slowing down at 21 years old. While most athletes in gymnasts are competing in their last year of college, Biles has thrived and is only showing signs of getting better. The average age of competition of 18 years old with some competing up to the age of 25.


Biles streak of dominance was highlighted by becoming the first gymnast in 30 years to win a medal in every event. The Ohio native Biles now stands on her own. She has now shredded every record there has been to become the queen of gymnastics.

Contributions by: USA Today

Written by Ethan Hanson


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