Learning to Take the ‘L’ with Humility


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Losing is never fun. As someone who has two of the most competitive siblings under the planet, failure and losing at something is worse then getting your arm broken. The bad taste never goes away and your soul feels like a boiling pot that’s about ready to explode.

However in life we run into these situations all the time. We don’t get the jobs we want even if we deserve them, we don’t get the calls we should have and sometimes the best efforts can result in being left empty handed and frustrated.

That’s what happened with me today. I ran for a job and didn’t get it even though I was more qualified then anybody else. I could have easily walked out of the room, blast people on social media and blame the people who saw a better fit. And honestly there is nothing wrong with having anger.

But the way you deal with that anger is by turning it into something good. Using that fuel to become better and pushing yourself harder then never before.

Also if you ever plan on doing something great with your life, no destination is ever determined, set or cemented. A career will take you many places and down many paths. Some good, some bad.


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You do not have to forgive adversaries but should treated just like any other obstacle. A ship needs an ocean to cross and sometimes the storms can force you into submission. That ocean can either be an obstacle or a path, just like those people who rejected you. They can either be the sharks of your doom or simply another element thrown in.

By taking this attitude you will have a greater sense of pride and humility. Nothing in life is perfect and anyone who has accomplished anything knows you will fail more then you succeed. Some loses are just naturally tougher to digest then others. But that’s why you will appreciate winning more when it happens.

Stay humble, be gracious, but don’t ever lead satisfied. Never allow your hunger to subside and don’t let the pain numb you. Losing is supposed to hurt. It is meant to hurt and it’s meant to challenge your confidence, character and self worth.

But we wouldn’t be anywhere without failure. Embrace it like a friend, but treat it like an enemy and don’t ever allow anyone or anything stop you from pushing forward.

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